While silverfish live pretty much all over Georgia, you are more likely to encounter these insects in coastal regions like Savannah.  My first encounter with silverfish left me dumbfounded.  I showed it to my father and he simply called it the “smart bug.”   Silverfish are sometimes called “smart bugs” because they love books.   In case you’re wondering… no – they don’t care what’s on the best-seller list… they just like eating the glue used in book bindings.  They really like hanging around in boxes of stored books.

Silverfish gets its name for its covering of tiny, silvery scales. Besides book bindings it eats starch from wallpaper and clothing as well.  They are common indoors in cool, damp places such as basements and attics that are poorly ventilated. They usually leave behind holes or yellow stains after feeding on substances that contain protein, starch or glue.  From here they can make their way to common living areas of the home.

Although considered some of the most stubborn pests to control, you can help reduce silverfish infestations by keeping crevices, cracks and other dark areas free from moisture and providing additional ventilation.  Professional pest control treatments are usually required to control more troublesome silverfish infestations.

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