Most hunters are well aware of potentially disease-carrying parasites: deer ticks.  These blood-suckers can carry Lyme disease- a potentially debilitating infection. It starts with a bull’s-eye-shaped skin rash around the bite that appears between three and 30 days after a tick attaches itself to the person. Other flu-like symptoms include fever, chills, headache, fatigue and severe joint pain.

Lyme disease can be painful and debilitating: almost to the point of crippling.  The CDC confirmed nearly 30,000 Lyme disease cases nationwide last year. It is the most common insect-transmitted infection in the U.S.  Hunters are particularly vulnerable because deer ticks blend with camouflage clothing.

You need to do a whole-body check:  tick’s move so quickly that even if you get them on the outside of your clothing, they can work their way to your skin.  Also- make sure they don’t get into your home.  Early detection of ticks on your body is vital!  The likelihood of transmitting the virus is drastically reduced if you locate and remove attached ticks within 24 hours.   So, happy hunting and play it safe!  Call Mark Hunter at LandMark Pest and Wildlife Solutions today! 478-972-4357