Reason Number 1-  When you call LandMark Pest and Wildlife Solutions you’ll get ME on the phone.

Reason Number 2-  I will be the one to schedule your initial inspection at a time that’s convenient for YOU!

Reason Number 3- I will be the one performing the initial inspection.

Reason Number 4- Primarily I will be the one DOING the job by myself.  Sometimes  I employ another Georgia Department of Natural  Resources certified agent to assist for difficult jobs that require the use of  lifts or cranes.

Reason Number 5- Since I will be the person who has to go back when a job fails it is vital I do the work right the first time.

Reason Number 6- Nuisance animal work requires a lot of communication while the job is running it’s course to completion.  I will always keep you up to speed with job progress till the job is satisfactorily completed!

Reason Number 7- Wildlife Control involves a lot more than just physically doing the job.  Most folks have a lot of questions throughout the job process.  As a licensed speaker for the Georgia Department of Agriculture you  can be assured that I will provide you the education you need to better understand exactly what’s  involved with solving your problem!

Reason Number 8-  I have been in the pest service industry in Middle Georgia for over 35 years.

Reason Number 9- I am  available for your phone calls 7 days a week!

Reason Number 10- LandMark Pest and  Wildlife Solutions has  the best warranty in the business!  If I cannot solve your problem my work is absolutely FREE!  Try finding another company that will put that in writing!