Fruit flies get their name because they tend to fly around sweet food like fruit. Fruit fly eggs are carried home on produce when purchased at the grocery store. Fruitfly eggs are already laid on the fruit or fruitfly adults simply hitch a ride on the foodstuff and emerge when unpacked. Within a few days of being brought home they will start to hatch.

Once in your kitchen, fruit flies will find a ready supply of food and attempt to establish themselves. Fruit flies love garbage disposals, garbage cans and fruit bowls. Washing produce will help to remove fruitfly eggs and pupae but it’s hard to get 100% removed. Once they hatch, fruit flies will hover over the sink, garbage or fruit bowls searching for anything sweet to eat and lay eggs. Fruit flies are small, about 1/8 of an inch, and have bright red to orange eyes which distinguishes a fruitfly from other species. Fruit flies will be persistent and aggravating if left unattended.  Call Mark Hunter at LandMark Pest and Wildlife Solutions today for fruit fly problems! 478-972-4357