Dear Homeowner,

It’s official! Bed bugs have made their way to the top-ten list of human phobias!

Should YOU be Afraid of Bed Bugs?

It seems that bed bugs are THE topic of conversation in almost every social environment.   Although bed bugs do not carry any known diseases, these blood suckers would just love to make you their next meal. And…trust me…no one wants these nasty bugs sucking blood from their arms, shoulders or neck while they sleep.

Many callers are asking the question:  How do I keep bed bugs out of my life?

Many experts say most people will encounter bed bugs somewhere in the not too distant future.  Unless you shroud yourself in a cocoon, you’re at risk!

Many of us have lived our lives without fearing bed bugs until recent years.  Others can still remember sharing their beds with these pesky creatures as children over half a century ago.

A handful of pesticides including DDT virtually removed bed bugs from U.S.   Jump forward another 50 years and discover, “they’re back!”

The latest resurgence of bed bugs appears to stem from our nation’s most tragic disaster- 9-11.   The aftermath following 9-11 left the planet fearful of travel.  As a result, our nation’s travel and hospitality industry took a direct hit.

As a result, that industry  scrambled for a solution to get travelers back in planes and hotels.   The answer was simple- lower plane fares and hotel room prices.  Soon after, America opened its doors and hosted guests worldwide.  Unfortunately, some of these world travelers brought a souvenir to our nation- BED BUGS.

So what should we do about bedbugs?

That depends on who you ask!

The internet is already full of remedies that offer utopian peace of mind solutions to rid you of bed bugs before hopping in bed tonight!

Sorry, no pie in the sky when it comes to bed bug work.  These so-called do-it-yourself remedies work about as well as products that suggest baldness can be cured overnight!

Today, many bed bugs strains are resistant to most available products used to control bed bugs.  Along with that homeowners are also faced with a laundry list of duties to assist pest management professionals achieve satisfactory results.

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